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Sign 1 by chrislea

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SJmap2015 by chrislea

If you're going to San Japan this weekend, come and see my table!  You'll be the very first to read my new doujin, Memories from Around the World Map!  Copies are super limited, so if you want one, better show up early.  ^_~  I'll have new paintings, buttons, bookmarks, prints, posters, and a fully loaded String Game with some exclusive prizes!  Even if you caught me at A-kon, it'll be like seeing a completely different table - that's how much new stuff there is!
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My friends and I were watching Sony's livestream last night and were able to witness That Moment together.  We were all, "Omg, Last Guardian!  Omg Hitman!  Omg-oh, well, that outer space game looks lovely, I'm sure it will do fine.  Hrm, a cute little Final Fantasy remix, well, that's-... oh my god."

After that we were so excited we couldn't even focus on the other announcements!  There was nothing but REMAKE, REMAKE, REMAKE.

Well!  I want to say I'll draw some FF7 fanart in celebration, but I never stop doing that in the first place!  I'll have to think of something even more special to celebrate!  (I was about to do a small giveaway at my Tumblr, so I might share that info here when it begins.)

You guys, this is an awesome time to be alive.  I can't wait to read every detail, watch every video, and finally play the game alongside the entire fandom.  ^_^
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What an interesting weekend!  I'm neck-deep in midterms so I can't write out a full report just yet, but I'll come back and update later.  There was so much good cosplay this year.  I wish I could take better photos, but I did my best!  (As usual, the photo of my own table came out the worst.  Oops!)  I was glad to see all my friends this year!  You guys brighten up any convention, no matter when or where!  ^_^ 

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I would show a progression of how I've improved over the years - and there have been at least ten for me - but I've erased it all. XD; So instead, here are a few older pieces that I'm proud of, even though I don't consider them "feature-worthy" most of the time.

Realms Con 09 Badge Art by chrislea Realms Con Badge Art '10 by chrislea

The first two are promotional art for Realms Con.  I'm working on an entry for this year's contest right now, and I'm always afraid I won't be able to measure up to all the work and care that went into these.  There's another one, but I was never able to post it online.  Perhaps someday it will find its way to Deviantart...

FF7 - Protector by chrislea

Mature Content

FF7 - Pepperbutt by chrislea

The second two are paintings of my OTP, Reeve and Vincent (or Chaos).  It's kind of a rare pairing.  I like to say my ship is a leaf boat.  Since fanart of them is hard to find, I've always tried to make mine as good as possible.  That's driven me to study, work, and experiment more than I probably would have if they had been more popular.  It's only fair to say this pairing and my silly obsession with it has made me a better artist.

FF7 - Caitamari Phone Pouch by chrislea

And the fifth is some knitting.  It's not my absolute most complex ever piece of knitting, but it is a personal favorite.  I've used that chart several times to make pouches for friends, for myself, and the occasional grab bag.  It combines three of my favorite things: Final Fantasy, Katamari Damacy, and pixel art.
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San Japan is over and I am home again!  My brain is too sleepy for prose, so here's a list of some highlights!

- Improved Ears!  I have a new toy crown for my Cait Sith ears.  Lots of people said it was very cute!  ^_^

- There was a whiteboard across from our table where people could draw.  There were a ton of shoujo OCs and tumblr ads.  A few people drew dickbutt.  XD

- I saw a lot of friends I haven't seen since last year.  It was great to reconnect and talk about what we have all been up to.  ^_^  (Even if we DID have to wait two hours for our food!)

- Ebiru-Zeru took me to the maid cafe.  After three days of hard work and little sleep, it was so uplifting to spend an hour surrounded by cute maids and butlers.  No matter what, I want to go again!  :love:

- Even though I didn't think anyone would recognize obscure characters I drew, several people did!  Every single one of you, you made my weekend!  <3

Now that the con is over, I'm going to put heart and soul into the Realms Con art contest.  Everyone, wish me luck!  @_@
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A-kon is over!  Aaaaaaaaaah!  I had a lot of fun this year.  SO MUCH COSPLAY.  Was it just me, or was there a lot more than last year?  I even saw characters from Rainbow Brite!  But I was so excited to see them, my hands shook the camera.  Oops.  ^_^;  Still, I got a lot of good shots!  I'll post a few later!

Btw, whoever did the guidebook app for A-kon, thank you for the sweet treatment of my info page!  It was a nice surprise to see my little mascot decorating the top. <3


San Japan is next on my list!  I'll be there with Ebiru-Zeru, rocking 20 new buttons and a mountain of watercolors!  If I can just focus on painting and not cross stitch!  ^_^; 
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ONLINE - Come hang out and watch me draw!  Tonight we have Cloud and a chocobo, Chaos on vacation, and Raising Akademia fluff because I demand it.  There COULD be some KLK's Ryuko, Vincent in a cave, or that Nightmare picture (lawl no because I STILL haven't done a rock study).  The point is, we're not gonna run out of fun things to do tonight!  Let's get going!  ^_^
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I've said this before, but apparently it needs to be said again.  If your club doesn't have a problem with yaoi/yuri, I will accept the submission request.  Het-pairing clubs are obviously boy/girl, and that's fine.  But as soon as it becomes an "Ewwww, yucky, boys kissing boys, groooooss" club, I'm out.  Racism and any other kind of hate are a no-go, too.  Look through my gallery before you request my art. 

To have a pairing club is okay. There's a pairing you like, and you're expressing it. But when you say "Any pairing is welcome as long as it's not gay/het/biracial/etc!"  then it becomes an issue of discrimination.

What if someone wouldn't let you go somewhere or do something because the shape of your loved one's body? What if it was because of the color of your skin, or your religion? What if they justified it by saying they don't have a problem with you, and there were plenty of other places you could go, as long as you weren't around them? What if that was every single day of your life? What if people asked you to hang out with them, but ONLY if you would start kissing a gender that doesn't feel right to you? And what if you complained about it and people told you that it was your fault for being a freak? It would feel pretty shitty, wouldn't it?

Yaoi and yuri are fiction. Anime and video game characters are fiction. But people are real, and the message you're sending is real. Remember that.


Bonus Trivia:  Pepperbutt is the picture I feature when an anti-type group requests my art, but I also put it up every Thanksgiving.  ^_^
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My FF7 advent calender begins today!  Did the update appear in your notifications?  

I'm so excited for this project.  It started out so tiny.  I was touched that VincentYuffieFan wanted even my VinReeve art, especially since I rarely paint Yuffie herself.  And because of that I decided to paint her.  The next thing I knew, there was a Christmas tree behind her!  I'm sure my inner conversation was something like this:

Me:  What is this madness?  What am I thinking?  It's October, and I don't even THINK about Christmas until after Halloween!

Me: ...but if I want 25 paintings in time, I have to start early.

Me:  25?!  A whole advent calender?!

Me:  Oh.  Ohhhh, but it's so perfect.  Advent Children?  Advent Calender?

Me:  Whoa.  Okay, I'm gonna do it!  This is happening.

I don't mean to get so worked up, but I've been thinking and planning and painting for two whole months!  Now I can finally share it with everyone!  -^_^-  It's very exciting!  <3  Some of the cards are a bit rushed.  I couldn't put the time in I wanted to because of school.  But there's love in every painting, and that's what counts, right?  And some of them are really badass!  That's how I feel, anyway.  You guys can make up your own minds, a little piece each day.  Can you guess who will appear tomorrow?  <3
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Update! - I'm home!  I don't know if it's from all the loud talking or if I got a bug, but my throat is soooooo sore!  AnimeFest was a lot of fun!  Thanks everyone who stopped at my table to buy or chat!  (And thanks, all the cosplayers who let me take pictures, even though you were trying to do your shopping!  You are so cool!  T_T <3)

Con report will be later.  For now, I must sleep, get back to school/work, and work on all the cool sketches I made at my table~!  ^_^  <3  I hope everybody had fun and made it home safely!
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Update:  Mio is SO much better!  She had her bandages removed today.  The bleeding finally stopped.  She is eating and drinking again - and very snuggly!  In one more week the stitches come out.  But she has to wear a cone of shame until then.  T_T

One more time, thank you guys for all the nice thoughts and well wishes.  :hug:  


We took her back to the vet this morning.  Her bleeding is not as bad today.  They said that's a good sign.  They put a fresh bandage on, and we will check again tomorrow.  I hope she will heal.  

Thanks for all your nice words, everyone.  ^^  It meant so much to read this morning.  Knowing people care for Mio gives me courage, and I hope the good energy will help her little body get stronger.  


My little cat Mio got hurt getting spayed today.  She's bleeding out really heavy, but we can't afford surgery.  They put a compress on her, but it's no idea if she'll make it through the night or not.  You guys, please pray for her.  ;_;  She needs all the good thoughts she can have.